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Microstop MOD 1 DN1" - 1¼" - 1½"

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MicroStop Mod 1 is a miniature FlowStop system offered for pipe sizes from 1" and working up to a maximum pressure rating of 500mb. The built-in bypass to the stopple head allows for gas flow to continue uninterrupted whilst maintenance and repair activities are completed.

MicroStop utilises a built-in by-pass to divert gas, whilst isolating a damaged or broken section of the pipe, yet maintaining continuity of supply to its customers. This allows for repair work to be carried out, without needing to cut off supply. The by-pass hose for Mod 1 is 1" therefore, allowing the diameter of the hose to match that of the main, prevents any decrease in flow on a low-pressure gas pipe.

The revolutionary piece of equipment has already drawn huge attention from the likes of SGN and Cadent Gas, who have both verified the capabilities of the MicroStop, and have used the MicroStop on their own projects. The MicroStop equipment provides the supplier with the ability to identify the problem area, isolate and replace the offending section of pipe whilst keeping continuity of supply to its customers.

The MicroStop system showed how the pipe can be repaired without cutting off the gas supply to residents. The use of this system significantly reduces the complexity of this repair task and offers the following benefits:

  • Microstop can be used in a variety of use cases on all multi-occupancy buildings
  • Prevention of potential fines (due to the lack of interruption).
  • Microstop has many indirect benefits on the environment and reduces the carbon footprint of the operation
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