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Metallic FlowStop

Gas & Water companies are penalised for interruption of supply to their customers. The Ravetti FlowStop System, supplied by Pipetech, has been carefully assembled to give utilities cover on the most popular and important distribution pipe sizes: 3”, 4” and 6”. Available in varying pressures, this kit minimises the equipment required to complete most maintenance and repair operations, therefore reducing the weight carried by the vehicles.

The Ravetti FlowStop System is designed to provide a reliable and simple under-pressure method of FlowStopping on networks working up to 12 bar.

FlowStop utilises an expanding mechanical rubber stopper mechanism which allows the system to work with a wide range of pipe tolerances with any nominal diameter. The trapezoidal section rubber ring expands and becomes compressed against the internal walls of the pipe with a greater contact area than traditional line stops, this creates a leak proof seal.

FlowStop provides a safe working environment for the operator and is capable of standing up to much higher pressures and more importantly, flow rates, which bagging off methods cannot provide.

  • Significantly Reducing Time.
  • Smaller Excavation.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint.
  • Less Labour.
  • Less Equipment Required.
  • Less Impact on Network Integrity.
  • Metallic FlowStop Part of our AlwaysON Range

    The SS1/SS2 systems are developed solely for metallic usage.

  • Maximum safety.
  • No supply interruption.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Minimal level of excavation required.
  • Low usage cost.
  • Available for pipe sizes 2"-24".
  • Available in 12 bar.
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