Pipetech Advanced Minibag

Use both straight and angled pipes?

See the Universal MiniBag 

Only work with straight pipes?

See the Standard MiniBag 


The Pipetech Advanced 90 Deg Minibag will enable a single operative to exchange a semi concealed meter tap without additional assistance and without the need for costly excavation and reinstatement.

The kit has been developed to facilitate the exchange of ECVs whilst removing the need to isolate the gas service.


  • A “gas free” operation

  • Isolation of approved low pressure semi-concealed angled ECVs and old Tapered plug valves.

  • Capacity – ¾” & 1″ male or female ECV outlet

  • A single bag, no adaptors required

  • Bag insertion indicator

  • Easy operation within restricted areas

  • A lightweight, compact & modular design

  • Available as a standalone kit or part of the Universal Minibag Kit