No more waiting for fabrication!  
2 & 3 piece repair clamps. Link one to another to create any length you require. 

Fix pipe leaks without shutting off the water supply!
The revolutionary Connector Clamp is ideal for reacting to burst events, where longitudinal splits in the pipe are longer than a standard repair clamp. The 360° clamp with specially developed screws, seals the puncture without fail, repairing leaks without cutting off supply. Any length is possible with the Connector Clamp, as fittings can be linked together to create any desired size, all with a 30mm tolerance to assist with fitment. 16 bar rated, using high quality galvanised fixings and Ductile Iron body. Moulded and bonded in a seal system, it can be used for full circumferential gaps of up to 2cm. 



connector clamp
  • Body: GGG40 

  • Seal: EPDM-DVGW tested according to W270 KTW

  • Screws: Screw A2, nut CuNiSi no cold welding possible

Case Study


‘Connector Clamp keeps 
hospital’s water on’

Martin Body, Community Manager, said that ‘as well as not needing to disrupt supply to the hospital, this solution saved around 2 hours compared to a traditional cut out’. Rob King, Customer Support Manager, added ‘the hospital was really busy with lots of worried staff and patients having lost supply to the Mental Health Unit and Outpatients Department. The Connector Clamp meant that the rest of the hospital was able to remain continuously in supply whilst we completed the repair which exceeded their expectations. This job was a huge team effort and one we should be proud of as a business. Thank you to CLC for their support and everyone involved in the Stort community team.’

You could use the traditional method and: 

  • Call your local contractor

  • Excavate the area

  • Put temporary clamps on to suppress

  • Raise further works and arrange a contractor to go back to site. Out of hours works, overtime etc

  • ASV Tankers

  • Piece in with extra fittings and pipe, possible risk of disturbing other joints so further leaks, turbidity

  • Ongoing issues as you’ve disturbed the main, discoloration, customers complaints, samples to be sent off etc

  • Minutes lost implications

  • Refill the groundwork 

Or, you could use the Connector Clamp and: ​

  • Excavate the area 

  • Put the Connector Clamps on, surrounding the damaged pipe 

  • Reinstate the groundwork