Collars can be used to seal leaking collars, couplings, flanges, EF Couplers and leaking straps. All installations can be made under live conditions without the need to shut off the water, re-pressurise, chlorinate, sample etc and with no disruption to customers supplies. From 80mm through to 1200mm with a wide tolerance these clamps offer a fast solution to making a permanent repair of leaking joints. 

  • cQuick Collars

  • cQuick²

The cQuick is fast to fit, light & easy to make a permanent repair on leaking AC & CI collars & any other leak which falls within the OD tolerance. Installations can be made under live conditions without the need to shut off, re-pressurise, chlorinate etc, with NO DISRUPTION to customers’ supplies.



  • 9-10mm tolerance 

  • 16 bar rated 

  • Cavity large enough for collars and  socket and spigot connection

  • 13mm-17mm tolerance  

  • 16 bar rated  

  • Cavity large enough for collars, socket spigot connection and flanges     

  • No shutoff, no customer disruption, no technicians too close to valves, no effect on nearby joints and no chlorination

  • Wide tolerance, easy to fit on multiple types of pipe and leaking joints

  • Improved KPI figures and reduction in potential fines