Feed Screw

Allows pressure to be put on the cutter

Nipple Carrier

Inserting the nipple

Hover over me...

Drill Spindle

Powered by the reversible ratchet handle. Its ease of use means the user can cut multiple hole sizes by hand

Drill Dome

Houses the cutter and is compatible with other drilling equipment

Insertion Dome

Quick change feature which mounts onto the valve


  • Makes ½”-2” service connections on Gas pipelines  at pressures up to 2 Bar

  • Standard Machine supplied with all accessories for drilling and tapping connections of ¾” and 1” equal top entry service tees, and 1¼”, 1½” and 2” nipples

  • Extended Bridle version available for Powerdrive applications, c/w Torque Arm

  • Aluminium castings with bronze bushes make the kit lightweight but robust

  • Supplied in a strong metal box complete with saddles 3” through to 12”