Pipeline Technology is proud to introduce its Always On range

The #AlwaysOn initiative is a testament to our Research and Development team, as well as our dedication to consistent innovation.

Traditionally, the go-to-method has always been to cut off the supply pipe, for almost any repair task, such as repairing damaged sections or fixing leaks. But cutting off the supply to mains water and gas is challenging, often attracting significant costs with complex operational planning overheads. There is often a detrimental impact to the environment which is overlooked and does not help with companies trying to neutralize their carbon footprint. This operational method consistently means a loss of service to end users.

PipeTech always strives for innovative designing, which can challenge and often scrap the traditional methods. As such, the #AlwaysOn range has various products for a number of issues in the gas and water industry, which, using traditional repair methods would cause significant disruption and loss of service to the consumer.

Gas supply pipes can now be repaired without disruption. Water leaks can be fixed without effecting the mains supply. Water and gas supply pipes can be hot tapped with our underpressure drilling systems, so no entire town, whole street or single resident need be without their daily necessities.

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