LCNI 2017

Pipetech was invited by SGN to showcase its exciting, innovative products

The Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference

6 – 7 December 2017

Universal MiniBag Kit, I Branch and Water Extraction Reel, GECO Gas Pump, MicroStop System and Tornado Demonstration

Pipeline Technology, invited by SGN, was exibiting at the Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference (LCNI).

We were showing some of our exciting new products like the:

  • Universal MiniBag Kit – the Ultimate ECV replacement kit (sizes 3/4″-2″ Straight ECVs and Semi concealed 3/4″-1″)

  • Tornado adaptor – capable of removing gas trapped within wall cavities, or under floors – used with existing Tornado Max.

  • GECO Gas Pump – an intrinsically safe pump used for testing new mains or purge the gas from abundant mains in a safe way.

  • I Branch and Water Extraction Reel – a single-line water removal system to be used in conjunction with a current camera systems, to detect and remove water from gas network from one excavation.

  • MicroStop – our simple, effective riser-pipe replacement system.