On the 12th day of Christmas, Pipetech gave to me...

An extra 12.5% discount on PQR6000FK!

Underpressure Mains Branch Drilling Machine capable of drilling Branch sizes in the range 1″ – 6″

  • Can be used across a range of Industries, including Gas, Water and Petrochemical

  • 16/25 bar pressure

  • Standard Traverse 55cm 

  • With the use of four extension pieces the reach can be extended by 50mm–200mm in 50mm increments.

  • Can be Hand, Pneumatically or Hydraulically operated

  • Can be supplied as a Machine only, requiring the relevant accessories to be ordered separately.  Alternatively, it can be supplied as a PQR6000FK, which contains all the accessories necessary to Drill 3”, 4” & 6” branch connections