Pipetech display their innovative Advanced MiniBag developed in partnership with SGN

Pipetech were honoured to be SGN’s guests at this year’s Utility Week Live 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham, for their partnership in the development of the Advanced MiniBag.

This product began after the success of the standard MiniBag, which is a way to replace the Emergency Control Valve under live conditions. There are several reasons why this may be required, such as:

  • Upgrade

  • Refurbishment

  • Faulty Valve

  • New Equipment

Prior to the development of the MiniBag products, the method of replacing the ECV’s was time consuming and costly. Gas companies would need to:

  1. Excavate the service pipe

  2. Stop the flow of gas by mechanically squeezing it

  3. Carry out the maintenance

  4. Re-round the pipe

  5. Re-instate the ground works

Pipeline Technology developed the Standard Minibag kit which utilises an inflatable bag to form a gas tight seal in the inlet pipe allowing you to replace the ECV whilst the pipe is still live. After huge success, SGN and Pipetech partnered to develop another much-needed product: The Advanced Minibag. A way to replace the ECV on a semi-concealed meter tap, with the implications of a 90-degree outlet.

By using the same principles applied with the Standard MiniBag, once The Advanced Minibag is inserted into the ECV, a launch tube is utilised to deflect the bag around the 90-degree bend. A bag indicator shows when the bag has been inserted to the correct position, once this is confirmed, the bag is then inflated. A pressure test is then carried out through the test nipple to ensure the bag is gas tight. Once the seal has been successfully tested the MiniBag equipment is removed, the inflation tube is squeezed off, this allows you to replace the ECV.

For more information visit the MiniBag section on our website or contact us for the full specification.