After an inspirational few days up North (and some heated debates about bath or barrrth), we have some exciting news to announce...

#1 we're collaborating with R2M

Some members of our senior sales and marketing team were lucky enough to have some one-on-one time with R2M’s founder, Carl Wade. We had some long conversations about how to better serve our fantastic customers and we both came to the same conclusion: #AlwaysOn. Both companies pride themselves on developing innovative products that cause no disruption, are Eco friendly and requires minimal excavation along with a minimal workforce.

So what's happening then? Pipetech is working in conjunction with R2M and its sister company Conexin, to launch a number of quality, innovative and proven products, which help maintain water supplies with an Always On, non service disrupting benefit to the consumer, whilst minimising the risk of costly penalties for loss of service to the supplier.

Can't wait? feel free to contact for more information