Research & Development

Pipeline Technology prides itself on innovation, driven by the desire to continuously improve our product lines by working closely and utilising the experience of our customers. Here you’ll find solution based equipment we have created in order to solve or improve issues within the industry.

Geco Gas Pump
The GECO Pump is an intrinsically safe gas pump, which enables piped gas that would normally have been vented to atmosphere during decommissioning activities, to be removed and injected into the network rather than being vented to atmosphere.
The Torando Max should be used in conjunction with the Torando Gas leak Detector to remove gas from inaccessible and confined spaces. This improves and extends the design and functionality of the Torando air powered vacuum device.
Water Extraction Reel
Working in conjunction with a camera inspection, the WER allows the simultaneous insertion of both the camera and a water extraction hose, enabling the identification and removal of water by a vacuum pump from the live gas network in one operation.