Pipetech Standard MiniBag

Only work with 90 degree angled pipes?

See the Advanced MiniBag 

Use both straight and angled pipes?

See the Universal MiniBag 


PIPETECH’S Standard MiniBag ECV Kit has been developed to aid in the replacement of all straight emergency control valves.

The standard kit contains all the necessary components which enables exchange of the ECV under controlled conditions, all of which can be carried out without the need to shut off the service pipe or reverting to an unsafe snatching operations.


  • Adaptors for BSP and BS746 sizes: ¾” – 2″

  • 2 Inflatable MiniBags for up to 1 ¼”

  • 2 Inflatable MiniBags for 1 ½” – 2″

  • Complete with pressure test point

  • Housed in a lightweight compact case