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20 bar Drilling & Tapping Machine ½" - 2"

Technical Details:

  • Capacity: ½" - 2"
  • Operation: Drill & Tap
  • Live Pipes: Yes
  • Pressure Rating: 20 bar
  • Service: Water
  • Standard Traverse: 8.5cm
  • Increase Reach: No
  • Pipe Range: 2" - 72"
  • Universal Machine Spares & Accessories

    Universal Machine Saddles

    Single spindle design with an integral ¼” turn valve gate, is used to insert ferrules of probe flow insertion (quadrina nipples). Once the drilling and tapping is complete, the valve gate is closed, drill tap removed from the spindle and is replaced by a ferrule carrier and ferrule and/or probe flow nipple, which is inserted into the main. Robust construction based on the original Pass Technology is also available for the US market. Suitable for Ductile Iron, Cast Iron pipes and when used together with the universal undercarriage Steel, Asbestos Cement and PVC pipe. Machine supplied in a strong coated steel lockable toolbox.

    This single spindle under pressure drilling and tapping machine is designed specifically for the Water Industry. The built‐in gate valve mechanism minimises the risk of mains shut down and allows the machine to remove as well as inserting fittings into a pressurised water main up to 20 bar.


  • Quick, permanent installation of service valves.
  • Inserts plug and screw down ferrules and blanking plugs.
  • The water supply to existing users continues uninterrupted.
  • Only 9 machine saddles required for pipe diameters 2” – 48”
  • Drills cast, ductile, steel, PVC/PE and asbestos cement pipes
  • Mains diameter range 2”-72”
  • Uses Pass High Speed Solid and Cup Drill Taps
  • Can be supplied to use Holesaw Cutters and Taps
  • Spares kit available
  • Stock Code: 6074-820


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