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PQR4000 traverse: 190mm
PQR4500 traverse: 270mm

The hugely versatile PQR4000 is an under-pressure main branch drilling machine is capable of drilling branch sizes in the range of ½”-2”. It can be used across a range of industries including Gas, Water and Petrochemical. Being significantly lighter and more flexible than comparable machines, it can be operated by one person and is fast and simple to operate, with minimal service costs.

An assortment of connections can be made, such as through standard adaptors, a 904 saddle, plug or screwdown ferrule or Erhard. This allows the machine to be adaptable to a multiplicity of drilling requirements.

The PQR4000 can be supplied as a machine only requiring relevant accessories to be ordered separately, or alternatively, it can be supplied as a full kit which contains all the accessories necessary to drill ¾”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2” Branch connections (½” & 1 ¼” are also available).


A built-in feed control ensures the correct pressure is applied to the cutter whilst drilling, greatly enhancing cutter life. This machine is hand operated, and a hand ratchet is provided.

Pressure Nominal Rating

16 Bar, upgraded to 25 on request.

Features and benefits

  • Versatile and multi-use
  • Competitively priced
  • Variable travel, reducing excavation and reinstatement cost
  • Drills cast & ductile Iron, steel, PVC/PE & concrete lines pipes
  • Drills through Saddle Valves, UK style Plug or Screw Down Ferrules and welded or bolted fittings
  • Economic replacement of cutters and Pilot Drills
  • Compatible with high-speed steel hole saw cutters standard for cast & ductile iron and steel
  • Carbide tipped hole saw cutters available for concrete lined and AC pipes
  • Coupon retaining Pilot Drills available
  • Spares kit available

    Need a longer traverse?


    Machine Spares

    Extension Pieces

    Pilot & Twist Drills

    Threaded adaptors

    Hole Saw Cutters

    Extended Threaded Adaptors

    PE/PVC Cup Drills

    Extended Threaded Adaptors

    Holesaw Cutter & Holder

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