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Advanced 90 deg MiniBag Kit

After huge success of the standard MiniBag System, it became apparent that there was a requirement to allow engineers to replace semi-concealed ECV meter taps or historic tapered plug taps but with the implications of a 90° outlet on 25 and 32mm PE.

The Pipeline Technology Advanced MiniBag Kit Series, utilises an inflatable bag to form a gas tight seal in the inlet pipe, allowing you to replace the ECV whilst the pipe is still live. The Advanced Minibag is suitable for pipes with 90° bend.

  • A ‘gas free’ operation.
  • Isolation of approved low pressure semi-concealed angled ECVs.
  • Capacity ¾” – 1” male or female ECV outlet.
  • A single bag, no adaptors required.
  • Bag insertion indicator.
  • Easy operation within restricted areas.
  • Lightweight, compact and modular design.

  • Stock Code: 6074-090


    After the successful development of the Standard MiniBag System, which is capable of exchanging most types of meter taps under no blow conditions for ¾” - 2” inclusive diameters; SGN and Pipetech decided to tackle the challenge of exchanging a semi-concealed meter tap.

    In the UK, there are currently two types of semi concealed main tap, both consist of a body which has a 90° bend on the inlet, and the tap itself consists of either an older style taper plug or a ball valve. These taps are in a hostile environment and can deteriorate and start to leak.

    The current method to exchange these taps safely requires excavation around the incoming service pipe and mechanically squeezing the pipe in order to stop the gas flow. This is disruptive to both the customer and the public and requires additional resources to be directed to site.

    The requirement is to develop a kit that can replace the taps without the need for excavation, under no blow conditions.

    Pipetech planned to utilise a MiniBag system, that can be inserted via a gas-tight seal around the 90° bend and past the open valve so that it can be inflated in order to stop the gas flow.

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