The Ministop plugging system is used to solve the problem of plugging steel pipes with medium pressure with diameters from DN ¾” to DN 2” (also DN ½” with the optional kit).

Each machine is constituted by a flat valve and a shutter equipped with threaded fitting. The plugging is carried out by pushing a metal and rubber cylinder on the bottom of the pipe until it assumes a sphere shape, ensuring a total adherence against the walls of the pipe.

The strength of the system is its small size, low weight and ease of use, as well as the notable reliability derived from its inherent simple design.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Easy operation

  • 5 Bar and 12 Bar options

  • Suitable for DN ½” to DN 2” pipe

  • Rubber stopple system

  • Suitable for various mediums including Gas & Water

  • Clamps ½” – 2”.

  • Can be used with Microstop clamps for pressures <500mb