Threaded Adaptor

Is used to link the drilling machine to the flange adaptor, housing the cutter and pilot drill

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Ratchet Handle

Used to drive the drill spindle. Its ease of use means the user can cut multiple hole sizes by hand

Flange Adaptor

Connects to the gate valve

Underpressure Tee

Used to make a live branch connection

Gate Valve

Used to shut off the underpressure tee


  • Underpressure Mains Branch Drilling Machine capable of drilling Branch sizes in the range 1″ – 6″

  • Can be used across a range of Industries, including Gas, Water and Petrochemical

  • 16/25 bar pressure

  • Standard Traverse 55cm 

  • With the use of four extension pieces the reach can be extended by 50mm–200mm in 50mm increments.

  • Can be Hand, Pneumatically or Hydraulically operated

  • Can be supplied as a Machine only, requiring the relevant accessories to be ordered separately.  Alternatively, it can be supplied as a PQR6000FK, which contains all the accessories necessary to Drill 3”, 4” & 6” branch connections