Ratchet Handle

Used to drive the drill spindle. Its ease of use means the user can cut multiple hole sizes by hand

Gate Valve

Supplied in bronze for PN20 operation

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Feed Screw

Applies pressure to the drill 

Ferrule Adaptor

Fits to the ferrule stem and the gate valve to allow under pressure drilling


Underpressure mains branch drilling machine, versatile for the gas, water and petrochemical industries. The PQR4000 has a standard pressure rating of 16bar which can be upgraded to 25bar on request. The built in feed control, ensures the correct pressure is applied to the cutter whilst drilling, greatly enhancing cutter life.  

  • Single spindle versatile ½" - 2" drilling machine 

  • Can be used in Gas, Water and Petrochemical Industries.

  • Ferrule Drilling Kits available for ½" - 1" Screwdown and Plug Ferrules.

  • Holesaw cutters and Pilot Drills can be used with Threaded Adaptors with BSP connections.

  • Traverse 19cm

  • Lightweight and Compact.