Feed Screw

Allows pressure to be put on the cutter

Test Assembly

A test point for pressure checks

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Drill Spindle

Is powered by the reversible ratchet brace. Its ease of use means the user can cut multiple hole sizes by hand

Drill Dome

Houses the cutter and features slots to suit multiple flange sizes


​The PE2M is a simple to operate, lightweight, hand-operated Branch Mains Drilling Machine specifically designed for drilling through PE branch saddles. The PE2M is supplies with a short pattern shaft as standard. A long shaft is available to order and the PE cutters and accessories need to be ordered separately 

  • Universal head accepts both 80mm and 100mm NP16 flanges 

  • Specially designed, swarf retaining cutting heads drilling through branch saddles

  • PE2M 180mm conversion kit c/w dome